The Early Triptych

The early triptych

Translated by Ekaterina Zhuravleva and Elena Zhuravleva
Edited by Daniel Allen
I’m watching through the low set window

As blue is freezing in the field

As silver lace is gleaming on the bushes

And newly-fallen snow is creaking under wheels.

It’s quiet and peaceful. My Soul,

It is the moment to be pleased,

But wait, are you indeed?


Lily-white snow has fallen.

Someone in grey has come out.

All covered with snow: a house, a gate

And even a sled that is ready for the way.

Bluish clouds as fluffs in the sky

Light snowflakes hover around,

Fall down on a collar and melt on a face.

Seems like someone in grey who has come out,

Became a lily-white man who was standing and smiling.


This morning rain has crossed my way.

And this is what my granddaddy used to say

“Rain like that may bring you luck.”

That’s why I didn’t cover myself up.

I trod the ground on my way

And my tracks were filled up with Rain.